usa breakin


Committed to providing fair
representation for U.S. Breakers



“USA Breakin’ advances the sport, while preserving the dance, art and cultural roots.  We empower the athletes, and develop professionals.”

USA Breakin’ is a national non-profit based out of Washington D.C., committed. to providing fair representation for U.S. Breakers at international events and creating a platform to select and form a U.S. Breakin’ team that truly represents the U.S. Breakin’ community and the legacy of Hip-Hop culture, born right here in the United States. We are committed to the safety and well-being of our athletes.

USA Breakin’ is committed to promoting and developing Breakin’ at the grassroots and national levels, as well as providing safe, empowering and positive training environments for said team and serving as a resource center for members, crews, fans and competitors throughout the United States. USA Breakin’ is committed to providing continuing education for new and experienced professional members including coaches, instructors and officials. USA Breakin’ sanctions four categories: Youth (12 and under), Teen (13-17), Adult/Pro (18-34) and Legacy (35 and above).



As of 2020, USA Breakin’ is governed by a Board of Directors
that provides strategic planning for structuring,
financing and growing the organization.

The Board Consists of

Felix Sama – President
Mach- Sport VP
Michael Lo – Professional VP
Ricardo Fernandez – Sport Director
Jonathan Fields – Development Director
Open- Treasurer
Nelson Martinez    – Secretary
Aiko Shirakawa – Community Outreach
Open – Advisor
Open- VP Of Operations
Adolfo Peralta- VP Of Communications
Aztry Kelly-Grant Writer & Admin Execcutive