Code of Conduct

Last updated April 13, 2021


To define the tenets by which the people who work for or on behalf of USA Breakin’ (USAB) unfailingly conduct themselves in accordance with USAB’s mission and core values.

Policy Statement:

I. Introduction

USAB supports Breaking athletes in achieving sustained competitive excellence and preserving the Olympic ideals, thereby inspiring Americans. USAB accomplishes this mission through its commitment to:

  • Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness in all dealings
  • Respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Stewardship of the Olympic Movement.

USAB has adopted this Code of Conduct to support these values.

II. Applicability

This Code of Conduct applies to all Directors of the Board, Officers, committee members, task force members, employees, and volunteers of USAB.

III. Reporting Obligations

No code of conduct can address every situation, nor can it take the place of good judgment and integrity. USAB maintains an “open door” for anyone who has questions or concerns. USAB will support all efforts to comply with this Code of Conduct. If you need advice or assistance concerning the application of any aspect of these standards, consult your supervisor or the Investigative and Ethics Committee. You are expected to seek advice and clarification promptly when you are uncertain about proper actions or practices.

You should be alert and sensitive to situations that could result in unethical, illegal or improper actions. You have an obligation to report potential or actual violations of this Code of Conduct to your supervisor, the Investigative and Ethics Committee, or any other designated reporting authority identified by USAB.

For more on how to report and the USAB’s zero tolerance approach to retaliation, please see the USAB Speak Up Policy.

IV. Legal Compliance

USAB requires that you follow the Code of Conduct and abide by all applicable USAB policies and procedures; United States federal, state and local law as applicable, including the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act; and foreign law as applicable. If you ever encounter a conflict of law, such as a conflict between United States and foreign law, or have any questions about the legality of any action, contact the Investigative and Ethics Committee for further information and guidance.

V. Commitment to Integrity

USAB is committed to honesty and integrity as the cornerstone of our activities. In turn, USAB expects you to conduct yourself in an ethical and legal manner as a representative of USAB. This requires that you:

  • Respect the rights of all individuals to fair treatment and equal opportunity, free from discrimination or harassment of any type, including, without limitation discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, national origin, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, genetic information, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state, or local law. [1]
  • Know, understand and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct.
  • Ensure that all USAB work and transactions are handled with honesty and recorded accurately.
  • Protect information that belongs to USAB, our staff, volunteers, member organizations and customers.
  • Never use USAB assets or information for personal gain.
  • Recognize that even the appearance of misconduct or impropriety can be very damaging to the reputation of the USAB and act accordingly.

USAB recognizes that wagering on USAB-sanctioned events and on athletes where they are participating in those events, for example sports book bets and fantasy sports programs that have the possibility of valuable winnings (e.g., “Olympic Wagering”), is legal and regulated in a number of US States and foreign jurisdictions. At the same time, it is critical to the avoidance of actual and/or apparent conflicts of interest and to the overall integrity of USAB and the Olympic and Paralympic community that no person involved in the community promote, support, or otherwise engage in Olympic Wagering. Thus, you must at all times refrain from directly or indirectly:

  1. Engaging in Olympic Wagering;
  2. Promoting Olympic Wagering;
  3. Facilitating or otherwise supporting Olympic Wagering;
  4. Knowingly sharing confidential athlete, team, or competition information with a person or entity involved in Olympic Wagering; or
  5. Attempting to influence the course or result of any competition in connection with Olympic Wagering

If anyone approaches you about engaging in items 2-5 above, you have an obligation to disclose this, as set out in Section III above.

Additionally, USAB finds sexual and physical abuse intolerable and in direct conflict with Olympic and Paralympic ideals. USAB is committed to ensuring that it and its Directors of the Board, Officials, committee members, task force members, volunteers and employees promote an environment free from such abuse; and such commitment extends not only to the USAB’s workplace, but also to the creation of safe sporting environments for athletes. To that end, USAB forbids any form of sexual or physical abuse, whether in the workplace or outside it, and including instances involving athletes.

Your obligations to report any alleged sexual or physical abuse, and information on how to report, are contained in the USAB Athlete Safety Policy.

VI. Ethics and Compliance Program

USAB has an independent Investigative and Ethics Committee. The Investigative and Ethics Committee monitors ethics reports and conducts ethics education at USAB. The Chair of the Investigative and Ethics Committee works closely with the Investigative and Ethics Committee members to ensure that the committee is involved in ethics issues as appropriate.

VII. Conflicts of Interest

USAB has a Conflict of Interest Policy that requires that any conflicts of interest, whether actual or apparent, be reported promptly to the Investigative and Ethics Committee. In addition, all USAB Directors of the Board, Officers, committee members, task force members, volunteers and employees are required to complete an annual conflict of interest disclosure and certification.

VIII. Independence of the Office of the Athlete Ombudsman

No USAB Directors of the Board, Officers, committee members, task force members, volunteers and employees shall prevent, prohibit, or interfere with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) Office of the Athlete Ombudsman carrying out any duties or responsibilities as defined under Section 220509 of the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act. In addition, no USAB Directors of the Board, Officers, committee members, task force members, volunteers and employees shall take or threaten action against an athlete as a reprisal for disclosing information to or seeking assistance from the USOPC Office of the Athlete Ombudsman.

IX. Business with or in Foreign Countries

Business conduct in foreign countries may sometimes differ from the United States, both in terms of common practice and legality. USAB requires that all business matters be conducted in an ethical and legal manner.

Gifts: The giving of gifts to, and receiving of gifts from, foreign nationals or representatives of foreign governments is governed by a complex set of US and foreign laws. Generally, the giving and receiving of such gifts is very limited or prohibited. Before offering a gift to a foreign national, you must receive the approval from the Chair of the Investigative and Ethics Committee. In addition, the giving and receiving of such gift(s) is subject to the USAB Gifts and Entertainment Policy.

Payments: It is a felony under United States laws for USAB, any of its staff, or anyone acting on its behalf to give, offer, promise or authorize a payment to a foreign official, foreign political party or official thereof, or any candidate for foreign political office, for the purpose of corruptly obtaining or retaining business for USAB.

United States law also makes it a felony to pay money or anything of value to a commission agent, sales representative or consultant when there is knowledge or firm belief that the payment will be used to corruptly influence a government official in connection with business USAB is attempting to obtain or retain. Political contributions will not be made by or on behalf of the USAB in foreign countries.

USAB will observe the laws of foreign countries in which it operates concerning payments of agents’ fees and commissions, provided these laws are not in conflict with United States law. You are not to engage inactivities designated to circumvent foreign laws concerning retaining or paying sales representatives and consultants.

Export Control Laws: It is USAB’s policy to comply with the export and reexport control rules and regulations under the ExportAdministration Regulations (EAR) administered by the United States Department of Commerce and the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) administered by the United States Department of State. You are not to engage in any export-related transaction on behalf of the USAB which would violate these regulations.

X. Business Relationships

It is imperative that all USAB, supplier, vendor and other business relationships are managed in a fair, equitable, ethical and legal manner consistent with the Code of Conduct, all applicable law and good business practices. Wherever practical, USAB provides a competitive opportunity for suppliers and vendors’ business, and we enlist their active support in ensuring that we meet customer expectations regarding quality, cost and delivery.Decisions to hire or engage a vendor or supplier should be made on the basis of objective criteria, and not on the basis of personal relationships, friendships or the opportunity for personal gain, financial or otherwise. Prior to entering into a transaction or contract for a purchase or potential purchase that involves an actual or perceived conflict of interest, you should consult with the Investigative and Ethics Committee.

XI. Personal Use of Organization Resources

It is your responsibility to protect and preserve USAB resources. USAB resources include such things as company time, materials, supplies (including food), equipment (including vehicles), information, computer and data systems, facilities, and other property. These resources are provided to you to fulfill the USAB’s mission and work and are to be maintained and used for authorized USAB-related purposes only. The use of USAB resources for personal financial gain is strictly prohibited except where expressly authorized. You should consult the Employee Handbook for further details. If you have a question about use of any USAB resources, you should contact your supervisor. You should report any improper use of USAB resources to your supervisor or the Investigative and Ethics Committee.

USAB also has a Gifts and Entertainment Policy that applies to giving and receiving any type of entertainment or gifts in connection with your work with USAB. The Gift Policy also covers gifts to US state, and local government employees. You should consult the Gift Policy, and if necessary, obtain permission pursuant to the policy, before giving or receiving any entertainment or gifts.

XII. Political Activities and Contributions

USAB and its representatives comply with all federal, state and local laws governing participation in government relations and political activities. Additionally, USAB funds or resources are not contributed to individual political campaigns, political parties, or other organizations that intend to use the funds primarily for political purposes. USAB also does not permit any political literature, campaign materials or politically orientated information, materials, posters, signs, or buttons to be displayed, circulated or otherwise present on USAB property or in the course of conducting work for the USAB.

There are some very limited exceptions to this policy. At times, the USAB may ask individuals to make personal contact with government officials or to write letters to present the USAB’s position on specific issues. Before doing so, you should confirm with the Investigative and Ethics Committee that such contact is authorized and in compliance with this policy, and that you are knowledgeable on the specific issues about which you have been asked to speak.

You may, of course, participate in the political process on your own time and at your own expense, so long as you do not give the impression that you are speaking on behalf of or representing the USAB in such activities. Nor can you be reimbursed by the USAB for any personal contributions for such purposes. If you are seeking public office, you may use vacation time or request leaves of absence to campaign or hold office. The USAB will not make contributions to any political candidate or party.

XIII. USAB Information

You are responsible for the integrity and accuracy of organization documents, communications and financial records. All financial information must reflect actual transactions and conform to generally accepted accounting principles. It is a violation of the Code of Conduct to alter or falsify information, including any record or document, to intentionally make a false or exaggerated statement or claim to anyone, or to mislead anyone. Anyone having concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters should report their concerns to the Investigative and Ethics Committee.

USAB information assets are valuable to the organization, and all USAB representatives must diligently protect this information from loss, theft, inadvertent or unauthorized disclosure or misuse. It is essential that everyone do their part to protect USAB information, whether stored in computers, files, or elsewhere. You must not discuss with or disclose to any unauthorized persons inside or outside the USAB any information that is confidential or not publicly available.

USAB business should not be discussed with unauthorized persons. You should be careful about discussing USAB information and activities in the presence of, or within hearing distance of, unauthorized personnel. You should also not seek or accept any information to which you and the USAB are not legitimately entitled, regardless of the source.

Your obligations to maintain the confidentiality and protection of USAB information does not end even if your employment or other relationship with the USAB ends.

XIV. Intellectual Property

USAB protects the ownership of its intellectual property. In addition, you should contact USAB’s Legal team regarding any anticipated use of intellectual property that does or may belong to someone else.

Approved By: USA Breakin’ Board of Directors

Effective Date: April 5, 2021

Next Review Date: January 1, 2022

Contact Person or Position: USA Breakin’ Investigative andEthics Committee Chair

[1] It is acknowledged that, as to gender and gender identity, this prohibition on discrimination does not extend to decisions on eligibility and classification for the purposes of sport competition; such decisions may well, for example, be based on gender for any particular event.